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Restore the J Church DIRECT Service to Downtown!

End the forced transfer! 

The SFMTA is considering permanently terminating the J at Market/Church St. 

We're working to restore direct service to downtown on the J Church route. Join us. 

Who We Are

Restore the J is an independent, not-for-profit workgroup focused on restoring direct service to downtown on the J Church route. 

Restore the J to Downtown! 

End the Forced Transfer!

Listen to the community!

What happened?

SFMTA cut direct service to downtown on the J Church during the pandemic and wants to make it permanent.

  • Riders now are forced to transfer at Market St. when going to or coming from downtown.

  • M Ocean View direct service was also cut but was restored due to community pressure.

Why did SFMTA cut service?

Service was cut based on old information.

  • Pre-pandemic transit usage, with too many trains in the subway, was the basis for cutting service.

  • Current transit usage is significantly less because of extensive work-at-home options.

Who did SFMTA involve in this decision?

The cut was made without good-faith community involvement.

  • MTA conducted inadequate outreach to community members affected by the service cuts.

  • MTA instead had private discussions with eight businesses near the Church/Market transfer point.

Who does this affect?

Everyone, but seniors, families, and individuals with special needs are disproportionately affected.

  • The forced transfer at Church and Market St. is dangerous—especially at night or in bad weather.

  • Obstacles include heavy traffic, crisscrossing train tracks, and unreliable elevators and escalators.

Why didn’t SFMTA ask the community?

SFMTA knew community members would be opposed if they were asked.

  • The community overwhelmingly supports keeping direct access to downtown.

  • 68% of respondents opposed the forced transfer according to MTA's Transfer Improvement Survey dated September 15, 2021.

SFMTA must:

Create transit options based on current rider patterns.

Involve the community early-and-often, while developing transit options.

Keep community perspectives at the heart of the decision-making process.

Sign the Petition

Sign the petition to say NO to the J Church forced transfer.

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